What You Must Do to Keep Your Business Secure

With the Windows XP end of support date right around the corner (April 8, 2014), many companies are still struggling with what the planned end of support means for their business.

Even with Microsoft’s extension for providing anti-malware signatures through July 14, 2015, there are significant security risks and hacker threats that can affect your business. This can lead to data theft, among other serious issues.

In this free white paper, you will learn:

  • What Microsoft means by “Windows XP End of Support”
  • The key risks of not migrating to a newer version of Windows
  • Potential solutions and migration paths to keep your business secure

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Hackers and other criminals have been stockpiling malware for over a year in preparation for the day Windows XP is no longer supported. They are ready to unleash it on unsuspecting XP users.

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