Microsoft is ending all support for Windows 10 Mobile devices. Here are some dates you need to remember if you are using this device.

Windows Mobile devices will soon join Palm Pilot PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and Betamax players in the digital graveyard. On December 10, 2019, Microsoft is ending all support for Windows 10 Mobile. It is the official end to the software giant’s failed foray into the smartphone market.

What to Expect

Windows 10 Mobile smartphones and their apps will still work on December 10, 2019, and beyond. However, Microsoft is recommending that customers move to a Google Android or Apple iOS device before then — and for good reason. Once the support ends, Microsoft will no provide feature updates, free technical assistance, or new online technical content for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system. More important, the operating system will no longer receive security updates. As a result, it will not be protected against new mobile malware or new attack vectors, making the operating system more vulnerable to cyberattacks. To make matters worse, hackers often launch new attacks that target unsupported operating systems.

Although Microsoft is ending support for the operating system on December 10, 2019, it is gradually phasing out the Windows 10 Mobile backend services. For example, users will be able to create new device backups until March 10, 2020. Even better, they likely will be able to restore their devices from existing device backups until December 10, 2020. Other services such as photo uploads will also likely continue until December 10, 2020.

The lifecycles of apps on Windows 10 Mobile devices are independent of the operating system’s lifecycle. Thus, it is up to the app developers to decide whether or not they want to continue support for their apps once support for the Windows 10 Mobile operating system ends.

Time to Move On

If you or your employees are still using a Windows 10 Mobile device, it’s time to start looking at alternatives, such as Android or iOS smartphones. We can help you sort through your options and recommend viable alternatives based on your needs.