What is Happening?

Microsoft has officially announced that the Windows 7 operating system will be End-of-Life in January 2020. This means that Windows 7 will officially become an unsupported product for Microsoft. This also applies to Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2010, and Office 2010, as well as other products.

How Does This Affect Me?

In January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be releasing security updates. This means you will be at higher risk for viruses and other exploits because Microsoft will not be fixing these issues. Software vendors will soon stop testing their products and providing product updates on these platforms. This will result in issues and possible downtime. In some instances, you may be forced to run your corporate application on older software since the newer version does not work with an end of life operating system. This is another risk for your company. If your organization is required to meet security regulations like PCI, HIPAA, etc., your firm will be out of compliance.

Will My Computer Still Work?

Yes, your computer will continue to work. However, no new updates will be available for the operating system, leaving your computer at higher risk for virus and malware attacks. Future releases and updates on software and hardware applications may cause issues or result in failures to run.

Should I Update?

Yes. We highly recommend you replace Windows 7 or any other application prior to reaching end of life. Windows 10 is what we recommend for workstations. We do understand there is a cost with upgrading, and we will continue to support you whatever decision you make. However, please be aware that we can only do so much, and as a result, we may not be able to fix future issues on systems that are no longer supported.