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26Apr, 2022

5 Practices to Put in Place Now to Protect Your Organization’s Network

As organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on technology to conduct business, the likelihood of threats and security issues arising also continues to grow. One of the most crucial things small and midsized businesses can do now to safeguard their networks is prevent unauthorized access. Once breached, potential problems become significantly more difficult

14Apr, 2022

What the Recent Okta Compromise Could Mean for You and Your Business

Okta, a massively popular company which provides identity and access management (IAM) services to clients worldwide, was recently targeted by threat actor Lapsus$. The compromise of Okta and other providers of IAM services is highly sensitive and potentially far-reaching as Okta’s IAM services alone allow approximately 15,000 companies to securely log into multiple

4Feb, 2022

The Dangers of Consent Phishing

Cyber incidents often rely on human engagement to enable malware. Despite deploying security controls on the user’s account, target environment, and device, additional emerging threats may occur which require both users and enterprise administrators to put safeguards in place to mitigate the impact. The purpose of this blog is to analyze and mitigate the


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