Microsoft Surface – With its hip advertising and welcomed alternative offering to iPad, the Microsoft Surface tablet was one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. But, as with most gadgets, Microsoft Surface has both its fans and its critics.

Before you drop hundreds of dollars on Microsoft’s spunky tablet, consider these top five praises – and top five complaints – about Microsoft Surface.

Top 5 Praises of Microsoft Surface

  1. Type cover: Whether you prefer touch or traditional typing, the Microsoft Surface has you “covered” with its versatile type cover. Many users love the type cover, which is a keyboard with tactile buttons that go up and down.
  2. USB connector: Another major praise point is the Surface’s USB connector, which allows users to save and share documents the good, old-fashioned way.
  3. Tablet-laptop hybrid approach: The Surface feels like a tablet in the hand, and users can relax with it on the sofa with the feel of a book. Yet, by snapping on the keyboard and kicking out the kickstand, the Surface feels like a laptop – it’s the best of both worlds.
  4. Robust file system: the inability of the iPad to share files between apps is frustrating for many users. However, Surface users can download documents to a folder and access them with multiple programs with ease.
  5. Superior browsing experience: Mobile users have had to settle for an inferior browsing experience with certain websites, but the Surface seems to load every web page, regardless of content.

Top 5 Complaints About Microsoft Surface

  1. Touch Cover Keyboard falls apart: Yes, that type cover that actors so rhythmically click in the TV ads looks really cool, but according to some users, it breaks very easily. In fact, users claim it breaks apart after just a few days’ use, exposing wires at the seams.
  2. No 4G connectivity: Having to tether the Surface to a phone or a 4G hotspot is proving to be a real pain for some users. However, the addition of 4G would likely affect battery life.
  3. Low camera quality: While not a big deal for most iPad and tablet users, the camera quality is lower than on other mobile devices. Those who rely on camera performance will immediately notice the difference, though.
  4. Feels bigger, and weighs more: Since tablets are meant to be portable, some users aren’t fans of the Surface’s noticeably heavier frame. The device also feels thicker, even though it is exactly the same thickness as the iPad 4. It’s not as sleek, though; the Surface lacks the tapered edges of the iPad, giving it a square and boxy feel.
  5. Muting and audio stuttering: Users have experienced audio problems mostly when the Surface is in standby mode, but sometimes while in use. These complaints include random muting and “stuttering” in the audio.

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