More business owners are mobile these days, but can you effectively run your IT business on the go? Whether you create a custom app for your specific needs or use one of the tried and true business apps on the market, the right mobile apps can help you save time and run your business more smoothly.

To get the most out of the apps you use, consider the ways mobile apps can enhance your existing business processes.

Manage customer relationships

Juggling multiple tasks on the go is no excuse to let customer service slip. Apps like Oracle’s Mobile Sales Assistant and Mobile Sales Forecast, or Salesforce Mobile let you access all of your customer contact details no matter where you are. You can link calls, emails, meetings, and other activities to each of your contacts to get a 360-degree view of your contact history and to plan your next steps.

Since social media is a major part of keeping up good customer relations, you should try apps that make this process easier, too. Use an app like HootSuite to keep track of your social media relationships, and to schedule updates ahead of time.

Your customers can benefit from a mobile app while they are on the go, too. You can improve the customer service experience by creating a custom app that handles common issues your customers face while using your product or service.

Work smarter on the go

Besides keeping up with customers, you can complete many of the organizational tasks that make your company run smoothly, even while you’re away from the office.

You can synchronize your smartphone with your desktop so you have the same functionalities wherever you are. If you are a hardcore Google user, you can still access Drive, Gmail, and other apps, even on your phone. Retrieve contracts, brochures, and other documents on your mobile phone to share with colleagues and clients.

Capture thoughts and ideas in between meetings by using your smartphone for dictation. Apps like Dragon Dictation allow you to speak freely while capturing your words in text. A convenient recording tool helps improve accountability and allows you to keep track of all the details. This app works for dictating email, too.

Mobile employees can be sure to capture complete, accurate, and timely data by filling out and submitting forms on their smartphones. Again, these capabilities help to ensure accountability and accuracy, without sacrificing time or convenience. Formstack offers a robust app for a variety of platforms.

Of course, you’ll want to keep your data safe no matter where you are. Cloud backup services like Carbonite offer secure backup for your business data, which can be accessed on the Carbonite mobile app.

Sometimes you just want your own office computer, and apps like LogMeIn offer tiers of service for file sharing and remote printing. Even when you are traveling, you can get the comforts of your home office with this and other mobile apps.

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