So much of your business depends on your computer network running smoothly and fixing IT problems quickly. Without IT support, you run the risk of outages, downtime, loss of data, and a host of other problems. What would happen if your in-house expert suddenly quit?

A gap in IT service would be inconvenient, to say the least, and could be downright hazardous to the health of your business in the worst of cases. Just like driving with bald tires in bad weather on the metro beltway, you wouldn’t feel safe for long. With computers, however, we often take them for granted until something goes wrong.

You can protect your email, data, contacts, software applications, and devices from damage, loss, and malicious attack and mitigate your risk of business technology meltdown with the following steps.

  1. Gather documentation about your computer network – software licenses, administrator passwords, vendor contacts, and other critical information.
  2. Know where and how to access your backup files – locally and in the cloud.
  3. Have a written plan for restoring your network – get organized and fully test your disaster plan in advance of serious trouble.
  4. Store your software keys and data in a safe place – both onsite and offsite.
  5. Understand what routine maintenance needs to be done on your network – servers, workstations, mobile devices and peripherals.
  6. Know how to protect yourself from an in-house security breach – if your expert leaves without warning and still has access to your network.

In addition to these proactive steps, there is an easier and better way to keep your computers running faster, cleaner and problem free. It doesn’t necessarily involve replacing your in-house IT expert or hiring more full-time IT staff. You could even save thousands on IT support and repairs while virtually eliminating downtime and other annoying computer problems.

The solution is to turn to a trusted team of experienced technology professionals for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your business infrastructure – at a fraction of the cost of hiring more internal support staff. In case your IT manager is reading this, here are five reasons your IT manager shouldn’t worry about an outside Managed Services Provider.

  1. Companies Will Always Need Internal Coordination
  2. MSPs Free up Time for More High-Level Pursuits
  3. MSPs Free up Money for Better Technology
  4. There’s Less Mess to Clean Up
  5. MSPs Make IT Managers Look Like Superheroes

Compared to traditional IT departments, MSPs generally cost less, have fewer problems, fix problems faster, and provide a better business environment. What IT manager wouldn’t want to walk into a meeting with the CEO and take credit for all these improvements?

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