Held out for the new 6S Plus, and it finally shipped! It replaced a 2 year-old 5S, so it’s a lot bigger. Got the 128GB model, as I was tired of carefully managing storage, and not having access to all my music.

First impressions, beautiful screen, with a zoom feature that’s easier on old eyes. Big to operate one handed, tap twice, lightly, on the round button, and the icons at the top of the screen slide into reach.

With 3D Touch, press down on an email to see a content preview. On the phone app, suggestions of who you might call pop up. Largely confined to Apple apps, it will become more useful as third party app updates take advantage of it. When your favorite apps update, try it and see if you get new features.

iPhones are notorious for running out of power before your workday ends. The 6S Plus started the day with a 90% charge, and ran all day. Didn’t charge it overnight, and it finally dropped below 20% after 2:00 pm. Phenomenal compared to the 5S, it has to hurt the add-on battery case business.

So is it too big? For a 6’ tall male with big hands (me), it’s awkward to use one-handed. My wife picked it up and chose to use both hands. But I wouldn’t opt for the smaller one, if I had to choose over – no, there are too many reasons it earns the Plus designation.

Last thought, I use an iPad mini when the screen’s too small on the phone. When I’ve picked it up in the last couple of days it’s because an iPhone app, like Zillow or Netflix, won’t shift to landscape mode when searching. The 6S Plus is big enough to display the iPad version, but it won’t so I use the iPad. If app developers start offering “iPad versions” on the larger phones, the Mini’s days are numbered. Apple could see a further drop-off in sales (But it should sell plenty of 6S Plus models).

Finally, why do you care? As more and more business is conducted away from the office, people are expected to be available 24x7x365. The right smartphone can make it much easier to respond to an email, or look up information, without dragging out a laptop. Then you can go back to Netflix, find that new place on Zillow, and get on with your life!