Imagine there is a weakness in your company’s IT security system – wouldn’t you rather find the security breaches before someone else does?

Every business uses information, and many rely on it as a core asset. In today’s interconnected business environment, your company’s data is vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches.

Information security goes beyond the realm of your IT department – it is a serious business issue that warrants review and planning.

Of course, your company may wish to explore paid options for closing security breaches. However, these 10 free tools offer reliable data protection that you can keep in your security arsenal – or decide to use as merely a springboard for your data security program.

  1. NetStumbler, a wireless network discovery tool, provides businesses with a way to search for unauthorized wireless LANs.
  2. The nMap Security Scanner is an open source tool used for network discovery and security auditing.
  3. Snort is another open source tool that detects and prevents intrusion.
  4. AirCrack is a 802.11a/b/g/ WEP and WPA keys cracking program.
  5. Arpwatch, developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, is a bandwidth monitoring tool.
  6. The Network Security Toolkit is a Linux-based security and networking suite for diagnostics and monitoring.
  7. Cheops monitors your network and probes hosts to show you what scripts are running.
  8. The Hydra Network Logon Cracker helps businesses with a basic, but crucial task – testing for weak passwords.
  9. The Metasploit Framework is an open source penetration testing tool that helps businesses identify security areas that need tweaking.
  10. The Ncat utility reads and writes data across the network for IPv6 and IPv4. It was created by the nMap Project to follow-up on their older NetCat mapping tool.

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