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If we were like most technology companies, this is where we would share a long list of client successes and credentials, but that’s not really our style. It’s not because we don’t have the client successes and credentials worth bragging about (we do); we’re just more interested in you — specifically, how our proven and unorthodox approach to technology solutions can make a meaningful impact on your business. We take the time to listen and learn about your business so we can fully assess and develop an understanding of your pain points and priorities. There’s a big reason why so many of our clients stay with us — it’s because we’ve built our company (based in Rockville, MD) around the fundamental objective of establishing long-term partnerships designed to help businesses grow and evolve.


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Happy #Thanksgiving from @_BinaryNetworks team! We hope your day is filled with delicious food and time to give thanks with your loved ones.
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Cybersecurity Alert: #Microsoft publicly disclosed two new active #ZeroDay bugs with no immediate fixes available. @_BinaryNetworks’ sister company @BinaryLabLLC’s Chief #Cybersecurity Officer Sergio Orellana explains more in our latest blog:

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