Stephen White
Stephen WhiteDirector, Operations and Growth

Stephen White serves as BinaryNetworks’s Director of Operations and Growth. He oversees all company operations and leads marketing, client engagement, business development, and strategic partnership activities.

Stephen is an accomplished executive with wide-ranging creative, strategic, and management skills and is responsible for developing and
executing the firm’s overall growth objectives.

Prior to joining BinaryNetworks, Stephen served as Vice President of Practice Growth for a local defense contractor and as Chief Administrative Officer and Partner at a large regional professional services firm. In these roles, Stephen designed and executed ambitious strategic plans for business unit growth and innovation and was responsible for administrative services, including marketing, business development, network administration, and firm operations.

Stephen has earned numerous awards for his innovative marketing campaigns. In 2004, he spoke on behalf of the Greater Washington Initiative in Canberra, Australia before an audience that included the Australian Prime Minister and members of Parliament, during which he discussed several topics such as business globalization, U.S. government contracting, and the Australian Free Trade Agreement.

Stephen holds certificates in a variety of administrative, sales, and technical training specialties and is an active member of various trade organizations. He is frequently asked by the media and professional organizations to comment on marketing, sales, and technology-related topics.