The Problem with Ransomware

Showcased across traditional news outlets and dominating the cultural zeitgeist, ransomware and the threat it presents to individuals, corporations, and nation-states is occupying the public consciousness like never before. The eye-popping statistics of annual increases in ransomware activity and dizzying ransom prices validate this growing concern. During October alone, there

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How To Keep Your Business Safe from Ransomware Attacks

The devastating impacts that a ransomware incident can have on a company range from minor inconveniences­, such as interruption of services, to the potential inability for a business to financially recover, creating an urgency to mitigate the effect of such a breach. What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of

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How to Download Google Chrome’s Browser Updates

Summary: Google has reported two zero-day vulnerabilities impacting their Chrome web browser with patches available to remediate the vulnerabilities currently exploited by unscrupulous actors. What is it? Zero-day vulnerabilities are those vulnerabilities that are not known to have been reported and/or discovered or that a patch has not been made yet to address the

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What Facebook’s October Outage Spells for the Importance of Securing Network Configurations and Resource Availability

As the process of human evolution fueled the necessity to express ourselves lent itself to the development of language and the capability to communicate and transmit ideas between one another, so did the digital revolution of the 21st century fueled the need for computers—via internal networks and the Internet—to do the same.

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Is Your Business Vulnerable to a Ransomware Attack?

According to Cybercrime Magazine and Cybersecurity Ventures, global ransomware will cost the world nearly USD $20 billion in 2021 and is projected to exceed USD $265 billion by 2031. On average, the ransom demanded during an attack is roughly $5,600, but what is worse is the downtime after an attack can cost up to

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