How to Use iOS 12’s Enhanced ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature

Apple has made some major enhancements to the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS 12. Learn about the new options it added and how you can take advantages of them. Sometimes it is important to keep calls and other notifications on your iPhone at bay so you can attend meetings or concentrate on your work.

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How to Stop Those Annoying Website Notification Boxes in Chrome Browsers

Are you tired of having websites asking you if they can send you notifications? Here is how to stop these notification boxes from popping up in Google Chrome web browsers. If you use the Internet regularly, you have probably encountered them — those pesky boxes that pop up when you visit a website for the

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Apple Is Fixing Defects in iPhone X and MacBook Pro for Free

Some iPhone X smartphones and MacBook Pro laptops have defects that are impeding their use. Find out which models are affected and how you can get the defects fixed at no charge. On November 8, 2018, Apple announced the creation of a program to replace a defective component in certain iPhone X smartphones. Apple found

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Two PHP Versions Are Being Terminated, Putting Millions of Websites at Risk

In December 2018, PHP 7.0 and 5.6 are reaching the end of their lifecycles. Find out what PHP is and why it is so important to upgrade it. Even though you might not have heard of PHP, you probably have seen it in action. Websites use this coding language to dynamically generate web pages, retrieve

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7 Reasons Why IT Projects Fail

Projects frequently fail in businesses. Here are seven common reasons why IT projects fail and how you can avoid these pitfalls. Having projects that fail is common in businesses. In one 2018 study, the Project Management Institute surveyed more than 5,500 companies and found that 15% of the projects they started failed. And these failures

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Why Cryptojacking Is More Dangerous Than Many Businesses Realize

Compared to ransomware or data breaches, cryptojacking might seem like a minor annoyance.  Learn how it is changing and what you can do to guard against it. Cryptojacking might not seem as dangerous as ransomware or data breaches since cybercriminals are stealing a computer’s processing power rather than money or data. However, companies that dismiss

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Small and Midsized Businesses Continue to Be Common Targets in Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are still common and costly for small and midsized businesses. Discover how cybercriminals usually deliver these attacks and how to defend against them. Ransomware continues to pose a significant threat to small and midsized businesses, according to a Datto survey of 2,400 managed service providers (MSPs). More than half of the MSPs reported

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Office 2019 or Office 365: Which Is a Better Fit for Your Business?

If you are in the market for an Office suite, you now can choose between Office 2019 and Office 365. Find out the main differences between these offerings so that you can make an informed decision about which is best for your company. Do you want to replace an old version of Microsoft Office on

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Make Sure Your Windows 10 Computer Is Ready for Feature Updates

It is important to install Windows 10’s feature updates when they are rolled out. Toward that end, it helps to be prepared for them. Learn about two important preparations you should make. When Microsoft initially released Windows 10 in 2015, it introduced the concept of “Windows as a service”. Instead of rolling out a new

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Save Time When Working in Gmail with These Single-Key Shortcuts

If you receive numerous emails each day in your Gmail Inbox, you can use keyboard shortcuts to save some time. Here are several shortcuts you can use when going through your emails — and all you have to do is press a single key. Emailing is a common method of communication in businesses — and

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