How to Find a Bigger Audience for Your Facebook Page

With Facebook’s nearly 2 Billion users, it’s now more important than ever to leverage the world’s most popular social network to generate buzz and — more importantly — leads for your company. Here’s how to reach more people with your Facebook marketing. There’s no debating these days whether or not Facebook is a viable marketing

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7 Best Practices When Creating and Using an Incident Response Plan

Data breaches are on the rise, so it is a good idea to develop an incident response plan in case your business becomes the next victim. Here are seven best practices to follow when creating and using an incident response plan. The news is not good — 2017 is the worst year ever for data

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Don’t Let Power Surges Damage Your Computers

The computers in your business are at risk from more than just cyberattacks. They could fall victim to another threat: power surges. Simply put, a surge is a sudden, temporary increase in voltage in an electrical circuit. Surges are common, and they can damage or destroy electronic devices. When people think of a power surge,

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Zero-Day Attacks Are Difficult but Not Impossible to Defend Against

Cybercriminals are continually trying to discover new bugs, backdoors, and other vulnerabilities in software. Worth thousands of dollars on the Dark Web, finding a new vulnerability is like finding gold, according to one real-world hacker. Cybercriminals often use a newly found vulnerability to quietly infiltrate computer systems and infect them with malware. Neither the software developer

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Customize the AutoCorrect Feature in Microsoft Office Apps to Save Time

Microsoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, and Outlook include the AutoCorrect feature, which automatically fixes and formats text as you type it. Besides correcting commonly misspelled words and incorrect capitalization, the feature performs many other functions. The functions vary depending on the app, but they might include replacing text strings with symbols (e.g., replacing

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Hackers Are Masquerading as Trusted Business Contacts

In November 2017, hackers sent out spear phishing emails specifically targeting employees who handled their companies’ finances. To trick the employees into falling for the scam, they made the emails appear to be from trusted business associates. Learn more about this spear phishing attack and how to protect your business from this type of scam.

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How to Customize Windows 10’s Lock Screen

The lock screen is the first thing you see after you launch Windows 10 or wake it up from sleeping. With a few simple tweaks, you can make this screen more visually appealing and more functional. Specifically, you can: Change the background image Remove the ads that are displayed by default Add information about the

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5 Ways Your Business Can Reduce IT Energy Costs

To reduce IT energy costs, enterprises often use virtualization tools to consolidate servers and advanced technologies to optimize IT loads and control the environment in their data centers. Although the results are impressive, using these technologies is not practical in most small and midsized businesses. But that does not mean small and midsized companies are

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5 Emerging Trends in 2018 Budgets

Both Spiceworks and Tech Pro Research have released reports exploring whether companies are planning to increase or decrease their IT budgets in 2018 and how those dollars will be spent. Knowing how other companies are allocating their IT budgets can give you insights that might help you when you are creating your own budget. Here

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4 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Business

Improving workplace productivity tops the list of business concerns in small to midsized companies, according to a 2017 research report. Telling employees to "worker harder" or "work faster" will do little to improve their productivity. Even if they do increase the quantity of their work, it might be at the expense of its quality. A

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