11 Ways to Secure Your Business’s Wireless Network

Wireless networks are popular in small and midsized businesses because they are easy to set up and convenient to use. However, if a wireless network is not properly secured, hackers within range can access it and infiltrate your network. Here are eleven ways you can lock down your business's wireless network and keep hackers at

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What Is Downtime Really Costing Your Business?

When preparing your technology budget, it is useful to know the costs associated with downtime. This information can help you prioritize IT expenditures so that critical systems and operations receive the funding needed to keep them running efficiently. Knowing the downtime costs can also motivate you to create business continuity and disaster recovery plans if

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5 Ways to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Cloud computing is now the norm — 95 percent of businesses worldwide are using at least one cloud service, according to a 2016 study. While there are many services that fall under cloud computing, businesses often use the cloud to store data. Although security experts note that storing data in the cloud is a relatively

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The Dangers Lurking When Employees Use Work Email Addresses for Personal Use

Many companies likely have had their email credentials compromised without realizing it. In September 2016, researchers revealed that they found about 5 million unique business email credentials stored in hackers' dump sites and other underground cyber markets. When the researchers crosschecked the compromised email addresses against the domains of the top 1,000 companies in the

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Microsoft Is Ending Support for Several Business Applications in 2017

The year 2017 marks the end of the line for five Microsoft applications: Office 2007, Exchange Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, Visio 2007, and Project 2007. Microsoft will no longer support these applications because they are at the end of their lifecycles. If your business is running any of these applications, you should consider upgrading

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Is Your Wireless Keyboard Exposing Your Personal Data?

The wireless keyboard on your desk might look harmless, but looks can be deceiving. It could potentially lead to your personal information being stolen or your computer being infected with malware, according to cybersecurity researchers at Bastille Networks. The researchers discovered that some wireless keyboards do not encrypt keystroke data before transmitting it to the

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5 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your Computer

More and more people are starting to use solid-state drives (SSDs). This type of drive is smaller but faster than mechanical hard drives. While SSDs will boost the speed of everything that needs disk access, they can fill up pretty quickly. As you put more files on an SSD, it will start to have more

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7 Ways to Help Your Windows Computer Run Faster

Many different factors can cause computers to become slower and less responsive, no matter their age. Files might take longer to open, and applications might respond to commands at a snail's pace. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to improve a Windows computer's performance. Here are seven ways to speed up your computer: 1.

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4 Lesser-Known Features That Can Help Businesses Get the Most out of Their Macs

Getting the most out of your IT assets makes good business sense and saves you money. Macs have numerous built-in apps and features that you can use to help run your business. You are probably using the more popular ones, such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. However, some of the other features are just as

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7 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Productivity When Working on Your Computer

You sit down at your computer to complete a quick task, but what should have taken only a few minutes takes much longer. Sound familiar? If it occurs often, you might be sabotaging your productivity without realizing it. Bad habits, old technology, and not taking advantage of your applications' features can eat away your workday

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