4 Things to Do after You Set Up a New Computer

Buying a new computer is exciting. Once it is set up, you might be tempted to immediately use it to surf the web or try out some new programs. It is best to resist that temptation, though. Computers right out of the box are outdated and vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. To protect your new computer

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Are You Using an Older Version of Internet Explorer? If so, Heed This Deadline

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is an important deadline looming: January 13, 2016. Starting on this date, only the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive security updates and technical support. In other words, you will receive security patches only if

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How to Protect iPhones and iPads from Cyberattacks

Apple has a solid reputation for building secure mobile devices. Most Apple customers think Apple products are so secure that they don't need to do anything more to protect themselves. But even iPhones and iPads have security flaws in both the operating system and the apps that you use. Knowing such flaws exist can help

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a CRM System

Creating and maintaining high-quality relationships with your customers is a critical ingredient for the success of your business. To help build these relationships, you can use a customer relationship management (CRM) system. CRM systems help manage and analyze the interactions between companies and their current and potential customers. Here are five reasons why you should

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10 Things You Need to Know about Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Microsoft unveiled Office 2016 for Mac in July 2015. This productivity suite aims to please the legions of Apple Macintosh users who have been clamoring for an update to Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. It also aims to attract new Mac users. Here are 10 things to consider if you are thinking about using Office

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The Advantages and Challenges of Using Wearables in the Workplace

In the past, wearable computing devices, commonly known as wearables, were primarily used for health purposes. Runners, for example, would use them to track their vital signs as well as the distances they ran. Products like Android Wear and Apple Watch, however, have pushed wearables out of the health niche and into popular culture. These

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5 Ways That Automation Can Save You Time

Using applications to automate routine tasks is more efficient than using manual tools. Yet most companies rely on manual tools, according to a ServiceNow survey. Eighty percent of the 915 surveyed managers reported that their companies still use manual tools and that those tools cause significant delays. On average, the managers said they spend two

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Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Refrigerators that know when your milk expires, doorbells that fire up Internet webcams so you can see who's there when you're not home, smartphones that control your TV, lights and heating. And, in the business world, security cameras connected to the web, automated trains in airports. There are

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Turning the Humble Data Backup into a Real Business Continuity Plan

There's been a lot of discussion of the various forms of Crypto Virus of late. This malicious family of ransomware has left lots of companies struggling to recover their data, and some failing to do so. As we've already discussed these issues at length in prior articles, it's time to talk about protecting yourself against these

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How Cloud Service Providers Can Prove Their Data Security Claims

Cloud service providers (CSPs) often claim that their customers' personal data is secure in their clouds. You can now check to see whether that is the case, thanks to a global standard published in 2014. People often refer to the standard as ISO 27018 but its official title is "ISO/IEC 27018:2014 — Information technology —

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